January 13, 2008

holiday roundup

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Radio News Now- 12-26-07

Hello. This is the first adition of Radio News Now, the blog to go to when you’re radio station changes format. If you weren’t near a radio December 26, or today, December 27, then, here’s what you missed. If you have anymore info, or just wanna comment, then email me, The Radio Kid, you’re editor, at: Thanks.

Sacromento Gets another “My” station-
Sacromento, CA- Clear Channel dropped the “Y92.5” soft AC format on KGBY (92.5 Sacromento) this morning at 6, replacing it with Hot AC as “My 92.5. KGBY was low in the last ratings book, with it’s competitor in third place. “My” will now compete against CBS Hot AC KZOO “Zone.” In August, Clear Channel flipped KBIG (104.3 Los Angeles) from Rhythmic AC to Hot AC as “My 104.3.” My opinion: This is only the beginning for Clear Channel. They’ll flip many more stations to that name, just like they did with “Kiss” and “Mix” several years ago. Esentially, “My” is a new way to say “Mix.” Your thoughts?

New Orleans Gets reshuffled AGAIN!
New Orleans, LA- Citadel did it again. Two weeks ago, they flipped WMTI “Martini” (106.1) from standards to oldies (with Scott Shannon’s “True Oldies Network) as “True Oldies 106.1.” Then, on December 21, at noon, they flipped dance “Deva” (WDVW 92.3) to Hot AC as “Mix 92.3.” Now comes word via that KKND (106.7) rebranded itself as “106.7 The Wolf” today at midnight. The station is still country. The last song on “KKND” was Kenny Chesney “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem.” The first song on the rebranded “Wolf” was Shiniah Twain “You’re Still The One.” My opinion: It looks like Citadel is trying to shake things up a bit. And, as always, they had to drop a really original format, didn’t they! “Deva was truly an original dance format. But, Citadel had to follow the pack, and drop a creative format. They’ve done this before. They did it in Harisburg, PA, where they dismembered Dance/pop/bubble-gum/Barbie “Cool Pop” (WCPP) for Soft AC “Mix” (WMHX back in 2005. Your thoughts?

Some true goings on in Indi
Indianapalis, IN- There’s a lot going on in Indi today. First, Emmis Communications made some flips to two of it’s stations. In October, they blew up CHR WNOU (93.1) “Radio Now” (no relation to Radio News Now), and began stunting with Christmas music. The reason they did this is because the plan was to move NewsTalk WIBC from 1070 AM to 93.1 FM, making room for a new sports station on 1070, known as “The Fan,” and with new calls, WFNI (standing for “FaN Indianapalis,” to boot. Well, the plan came true last night and this morning. According to the message boards at, at 6PM on Christmas Eve, WIBC (AM) did it’s last newscast, with newscaster Stan Laire saying: “It just hits me… it’s the last time you’ll hear us say it this way: this is News Radio 1070 WIBC.” Then, WIBC (AM) joined the Christmas simulcast of 93.1. This was a place holder until midnight, when WIBC (93.1) ended it’s Christmas stunt with “Home For The Holidays,” before presenting a montage of IDs from previous formats, then the new WIBC legal ID (giving the ID with the new 93.1 frequency), then ABC news, then the first local newscast for the FM, then joining the “Coast To Coast AM” program in progress. 1070 AM, according to the message boards, left the simulcast at midnight with 20 minutes of dead air, before going into a replay of the best sporting events of all time. This stunt will continue on the AM until “The Fan” officially launches on January 7. Across town, there are some piculiar goings on over at the Cumulus cluster. First, WWFT (93.9 Indianaplis) has moved from it’s Christmas stunting to a loop of an instrumental song, sound effects, and an imaging spot announcing a new format on January 2, at 9-39 AM. Meanwhile, down the hall, they’ve dropped the “Jack” nickname on WJJK(104.5.) There’s a back story here: Originally, WJJK was owned by Infinity. The station became “Jack FM” as a variety hits station back in 2005. In October 2006, Infinity sold the station to Cumulus, and upon assuming control of the station, Cumulus dropped the variety hits format (along with the Howard Cogan imaged “Playing What We Want” liners), replacing it with a classic hits format, but keeping the simple “Jack FM nickname. Now, that, too, has disappeared. Now, the station is simply “Classic Hits, 104.5 WJJK.” My opinion: Well, first, it seems that the suits at Emmis are gonna gamble on NewsTalk on FM. But, I think they’re gonna find it to be a waste of a good signal, and a waste of money. Second, I wonder what the new format will be on WWFT. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Third, “Jack.” Well, I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later. “Jack” is a coppy-written name, and cumulus didn’t want to pay those rights. Still, “Classic Hits” as an imaging nickname? I think that is stupid, lame, stupid, lame, stupid, lame, stupid, lame… Did I mention that I think the new nickname for WJJK was stupid and lame? Your thoughts?

Atlanta Gets The Legends
Atlanta GA- Clear Channel pulled the plug on the “Lite” Soft AC format on WLTM (96.7) today at midnight. Now, the station is Classic Country as “96.7 The Legend.” Check out their website at: According to the message boards at, Clear Channel is trying to compete against the Citadel owned “Kix” (Modern Country), and “Bear” (Classic Country) stations. According to a poster on the message boards, the station does not serve Atlanta metro proper. Instead, it’s a rimshot signal. As a result of this, the station keeps changing calls and format. “CC has changed the format/calls more than I change underwear.” This poster remarked. To prove his point, he posted the history of the station.
WBUS – April 1985
WWER – March 1987
WMKJ – November 1987
WLDA – October 2000
WXVV – October 2001
WBZY – April 2002
WVWA-FM – May 2005
WLTM – January 2007
So, what do people in Atlanta think of the new “Legend?” “Just what we needed… Another Country station. Thanks Crap Channel.” One poster remarked. “ZZZ.” Remarked another. One poster went as far as to say: “The imaging is horrible. The voiceover guy sounds like he’s doing a bad imitation of a 60-year-old dude rancher from the southwest.” But one poster said: “If done correctly, it could be a good nitch format.” My opinion: I agree with the last poster. Classic Country is a good nitch format. But, Clear Channel Atlanta, you’re doing it for the wrong reason, in my opinion. You’re doing Classic Country not because you have a passion to make good radio, but because there’s another Classic Country station in town. Right? Your thoughts?

Jacksonville Gets A Stronger “Beat”
Jacksonville, FL- WRUE (93.3) has begun simulcasting with WJBT (92.7) as of 6PM December 25. Eventually, according to multiple radio magazines, WJBT will move to 93.3, and it’s 50,000 watt signal. My opinion: Okay, Jacksonville, you really need a 50,000 watt urban powerhouse? And what will become of the 92.7 frequency? Your thoughts?

Greenville Gets A Little “Shine”
Greenville, SC- According to multiple sources, Clear Channel owned WBZT (96.7 Muldon/Greenville dropped it’s “Real Rock, 96.7 The Buzzard” Active Rock format, becoming Contemperary Christian “Shine 96.7” at midnight on December 25. My opinion: Thank God… Literally, thank God for taking away “The Buzzard,” or what ever the hell it was, and replacing the Active Rock for something clean, wholesome, and good. Your thoughts?

New Hampshire, Say Hello To “Frank,” and kiss “The Hawk” Goodbye
NH- On December 19, Nassau Broadcasting pulled the plug on the oldies format on WNNH (99.1 Heniker) and WLKZ (104.9 Wolfsburrow), replacing them with Classic Rock as “Frank FM 99 and 104.9.” The reason they’re doing this is so that the current Classic Rocker in the area – “Hawk,” WWHQ (101.5 Maridith), and WWHK (102.3 Concord) can become a simulcast of the WEEI Network from Entercom Boston later in January. This deal doesn’t involve just the hawk stations. In October, Nassau announced that it did a deal with Entercom, in which stations across New England would flip from their current formats to a simulcast of Entercom owned WEEI (850 Boston, Ma), creating a sports network across New England. Here are the stations rumored to be flipping to “The WEEI Network,” along with their current formats:
Portland, ME market stations WHXQ (104.7 Kennybunkport), WHXR (106.7 North Windham) – both Active Rock as “The Bone” – and WLAM (1470 Lewiston) – now doing sports with WLVP Portland as “ESPN Radio Portland”
Cape Cod Market WPXC(102.9 Hiannis, Ma) – currently Active Rock “Pixy 103”
And the Classic Rock “Hawk” stations mentioned
My opinion: This is dumb! I mean, first, you have 2 companies making a dumb deal together, and then you find out that Entercom gets all! The goodies. Look, every station that makes this flip is gonna simulcast this WEEI station. At least New Hampshire Classic Rock fans got a reprieve in “Frank.” I don’t think the Active Rock fans in Maine and Mass will be that lucky. Your thoughts?

Charleston Must Move To Find The “Magic”
Charleston, SC- Citadel has moved WMGL (Ravenel) from 101.7 to 107.3. As of December 19, the station is branding as “Magic 107.3.” Your thoughts?

Orlando Station To flip from Sports to Spanish
Orlando, FL- On December 30, Clear Channel will flip WQTH (740 Orlando) from Sports as “The Team” to a satellite delivered Mexican/Spanish format as “La Priciosa.” The format is mostly talk during the day, and Spanish Adult Hits at night. The problem is, according to the message boards at, this leaves Orlando with out a Sports Station. My opinion: Oh well. Get over it. SportsTalk is a terrible format. This Mexican format will serve a nitch of people. I like nitch formats. This is one of the few times you’ll hear me say it, but, there’s actually a Clear Channel branch that’s doin’ the right thing here, and saying: “We’re gonna put an unusual format on this station, and if you don’t like it, then, f**k you.” Great attitude. Let’s get more cool and unusual stuff on air, and tell these lovers of plain, boring formats to kiss our feet. Your thoughts?

Omaha Gets “O’d”
Omaha, NB- NRG Media pulled the plug on it’s “Lite” soft AC format on KLTQ (101.9 Omaha) today at 3, replacing it with an energetic Rock AC format as “The Big O, 101.9.” PD Billy Shere tells that “The Big O” is “upbeat, fun, and very, very, music intensive.” The station is aimed at 25-54-year-olds who “like a lot of eighties rock.” Some core artists include:
The Police
Eric Clapton
Tom Petty
Cold Play
And Matchbox Twenty
According to radio-info, the former “lite” format ranked 10th place in the last ratings. My opinion: Again, great job. I think this format will work out for you better than that boring “Lite” crap. Nitch formats are beautiful! Your thoughts?

The Party’s at XM This New Years Holiday
XM Satellite Radio- Celebrating New Years Eve? Can’t go to a party? Well, XM brings the party to you, with a microchannel called “Party City.” According to, “Party City” will hit the airwaves of “XM Live” (Channel 120) on December 30, and run through New Years Day. The microchannel features nonstop party hits – “from bar party hits, to dance party jams, to classic rockparty anthems.” If you can’t wait till Sunday, then, for a small fee, you can hear the channel online at: My opinion: This is great! Hey, here’s an idea: Why stop on New Years Eve? I’ve always thought it would be great to have a channel that plays party music, complete with party sounds under the voices of very energetic party MCs. This is the perfect oprotunity for XM to do so. Your thoughts?

Hannah Montana’s Comin’ to Sirius
Sirius Satellite Radio- Hannah Montana – uh, I mean, Miley Cyrus, is taking over a channel on Sirius. According to, the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, and star of “Disney Channel’s” series Hannah Montana, will take over the programming of “Sirius Hits 1” (Channel 1.) For the next few days, Cyrus will play her favorite songs,and count down the years top 45 songs. This will run from December 28 through January 1, and the channel will be renamed “Miley Radio.” My opinion: Personally, I can’t stand that 14-year-old super-freak known as Hannah Montana, but if Sirius thinks it’s a good move for them to interrupt regular programming to give the airwaves to a teenage freak, one who has no talent in acting, or singing, then, that’s their perogitive. After all, satellite radio was ment to be innovative, and creative – the way radio should be. So, Sirius, go ahead, and we’ll see if “Miley Radio” works out for ya. Your thoughts?

Formats we’re watchin:

Asbury Park NJ- WTBQ is supposed to flip from “ESPN Radio Deportes” to “Fox Sports Radio” January 7.

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