April 8, 2008

RNN 4-8-08

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April 8, 2008


I’ve been having medical things going on in the family. But, I’ve been following up on some things, so, here’s a brief update on what went on in the radio world last week.

Yakima gets a “My” station
Yakima, WA – Gap West launched Adult Hits on KQSN (99.3) as “My 993” on April 1. The station was previously Spanish as “La Preciosa,” according to several sorces, but after Gap West took over the stations from Clear Channel in February, KQSN was a simulcast of Country KDBL “Bull” (92.9 Yakima. There is a website: However, there is no live streaming, or, at least, not when I checked it out here at RNN Ground Zero last week.
My Opinion: It surprises me that Gap West is using the “My” nickname. Normally, that’s a Clear Channel thing. Hmmm. Your thoughts?

Louiville’s “Walris” makes some changes
Louiville, KY — Louiville is a Walris, KooKoocaChoob, and the Walris is changing! The “Walris” that I’m talkin’ ‘bout here is radio station WLRS (105.1), and last week, the station changed format. The station segwayed from Modern Rock to a mix of classic and new rock, still known as “The Walris.” I have not been able to find much info on this. There is a website:, but right now, it’s under construction, with a logo that says: “New Website Coming Soon! Turn us on now!”
Your thoughts?

“The Blytz” splits in Columbus
Columbus, OH – WBYZ (99.7) in Columbus pulled the plug on it’s modern Rock “Blytz” format Thursday afternoon, replacing it with computerized beeping sounds, and a message that said: “PLEASE STAND BY… THIS RADIO STATION IS REBOOTING…” The same message also appeared on the station’s website: Then, Friday morning, someone on a message board at radio-info noticed that WBYZ changed it’s calls to WRKZ. Then, Friday afternoon, radioinsight noticed the domain, which was pointing to the former website, fueling speculation that the station would become “99.7 The Rock.” Sure enough, at 5P.M., on Friday, April 4, that’s what happened. The first song on the station was Nervonna’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” There is a webstream, and I’ve been listening to it here at RNN Ground Zero. Core artists include:
Guns And Roses,
Red Hot Chilly Peppers,
Pearl Jam,
Death Lepard,
And Smashing Pumpkins.
I don’t know who does the imaging, but it’s the same voice that you most often hear on Canadian Rock stations. The website says that the station is centered on the rock of the 90’s, with today’s music and music of the 80’s thrown in. On the website, WRKZ PD Hale Fish says: “It seems as though rock listeners in Columbus have had to choose between stations that play either very old rock, or rock that is mostly new. 99.7 The Rock will bridge that gap with a mixture of rock that starts in the 90’s, and spreads it’s wings in both directions. We think it’s a mixture that most rock listeners can agree on.” Right now, the station is jockless.
My opinion: With the exception of some 80’s rock, this is no different from the “Blytz” format they were previously running. I mean, all the Modern Rock elements are there. Your thoughts?

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–The Radio Kid (AKA Oswego Jeremy, as nicknamed by George of the Radio Racket)


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