March 24, 2008

What the hell’s goin’ on here!

Hello all,

I know it’s been 2 months since I’ve put anything up here, and I figured I owe you an explanation. This explanation has nothing to do with radio, but you deserve the full story, anyway. If you radio professionals don’t like this explanation, or, if you think less of me because I’m putting personal stuff up on this blog, well, guess what: This ain’t YOUR! Blog, it’s mine! And, I, The Radio Kid, will put whatever I damn well please on here, and if you think that’s wrong, then, you can kiss my feet.

Now, for the rest of you loyal fans and readers, here’s what’s goin’ on with me, and why I haven’t posted anything.

First, I must tell you that I’m blind – I’ve been totally blind since birth. Well, cmon! Ya would-a found out about it, anyways.

Now, here’s something else that probably would’ve creeped into this blog sooner or later, too. Ya ready? Okay. Well, as well as being a radio format junky, I’m also a Goth Wanna-be. What does that mean, you ask? Well, first, Goth is a subculture, the people of which are some of the coolest in the world, in my opinion. I’ve been observing them for a while now (since 2002), and I want in… I wanna be one of them. Therefore, because I’m not a Goth, I’m just a wanna-be.

So, what the hell does this talk about Gothdom for a blind dude have to do with not posting on Radio News Now? Well, you’ll need more of the story to answer that question. So here it is.

About a year ago, my sister, who I’ll refer to as “Blah blah blah,” became a Goth. Yup, she wears the black clothes and everything. Well, here. I’ll tell ya a little bit about her, and you be the judge, kay?

Well, she wears black clothes, or so I’ve been told; is fasinated by death; loves vampires (there’s a Vampiric element to Gothdom); she listens to Rock (ik…) and Goth music, whatever that is… But, most intreeging to me is the 2 coolest things she, and some (I stress some, not all…) Goths are into are Anime and Manga, forms of Japanese entertainment. I’m especially fasinated by the idea of Manga, which, from the little I’ve been told, is, well, a Japanese comic book. I want to know more about this, and I’d love, and I do mean LoooOoooOove! For someone to read and describe a Manga to me. But my sister claims that I can’t enjoy Manga because they don’t make audio Manga, even though she’s never checked to verify that. (I, The Radio Kid, can’t confirm that claim because of the limitations put on me by the adaptive equipment I must use, the talking Jaws software.) Now, there’s another way that Blah Blah Blah could introduce me to Manga if she wanted to. She could either come over to Radio News Now headquarters (lovingly refered to as RNN Ground Zero) and read and describe some Manga to me, or, if she’d rather sit at home, she could do that, but put it on Audio Tape. But when asked if she was willing to do that, Blah Blah Blah said, “If given the choice to die or describe a Manga to a blind person, I’d die.” Yes, Radio News Now readers, and Goths alike, I, The Radio Kid, am curious about Goths – their fassion, their music, their video games, and their other social activities. But it’s Manga that fasinates me the most. I want in…

Now, I thought Blah Blah Blah would do the sisterly thing, and explain all this stuff to me, but, instead, she told me I was unworthy of knowing about such things because of my disability. That was back in November. Well, at a family gathering in January, Blah Blah Blah and I exchanged words again, but this time, it effected the repore between the members of the family, and completely destroyed the relationship between Blah Blah Blah and myself. Now, when something like that happens, naturally, the people involved feel hurt. But, on top of that, I must admit that I’m very, very jelas of Blah Blah Blah because she’s living the life of the ones I’m curious about, and I’m angry at her because she won’t let me into this world because of my disability – a disability that I had no say over. I never chose to be blind, but because I am, Blah Blah Blah feels it is nessasary to punish me, and deny me access to the Goth world (especially Manga.)

Now, you must know that I am a very, very, very, very emotional person. So, after all this happened, I became depressed. Now, when I’m depressed, I have no energy, and no drive or ambition or motivation to do anything. That’s exactly what happened. I literally had no motivation to do this blog (or anything else.) I was lifeless. I literally didn’t care if this blog was updated. I literally didn’t care if I was healthy, or if I was active in any way. I just had no motivation to care about anything. It’s been that way for 2 months now…

But not anymore!

No, Blah Blah Blah hasn’t read a Manga to me. I’ve just decided that, no matter how I feel, I’m gonna get motivated again! I’ve decided that I need to move forward in some way, even if I’m just a walkin’ through the motions… And that includes updating this blog. To that end, I will talk about the plans for Radio News Now in a moment.

But first, I wanna use this blog to possibly bring a solution to this personal crisis. So, now, I wanna talk to all the Goths out there who might be reading this post.


If you wear all black… if you listen to Goth Music… If you play Gothic video games (are there such things?) If you RPG… If you looOoove Manga…,…,… Basically, if you consider yourself to be a Goth, then, there’s a wanna-be that wants to talk to you! (Especially if you’re in Oswego, NY, where RNN Ground Zero is located.) Please email me at:
This is the best way to contact me. You can leave a comment for me in the comments section, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll get it. So, if you can, please email me. The address again:
Thank you.

Now all I can do is hope and pray that someone responds to my public call.

Okay, now that I’ve done that, I wanna talk to the people who’ll be reading this blog – those of you who wanna know what’s goin’ on as far as what radio stations changed their format. First, I wanna apologize to you for not being there for you during what I think has been a very active 2 months. We’ve missed a lot together: The disappearance of Smooth Jazz from the airwaves of New York, NY, Washington, DC, Houston, TX, Van Couver, BC, Canada, and Savanna, GA, and the birth of “Hot Hits,” the successor to Smooth Jazz in Houston; the birth of “True Oldies” in Washington, DC (replacing Smooth Jazz there), Atlanta, GA, and Providence, RI; the death of “99X” WNNX (99.7 Atlanta, GA); the death of AAA WBOS (92.9 Boston, MA), and the birth of WRXP (101.9 New York, NY, replacing Smooth Jazz there.) I’m sorry for not being there to report these incredible stories. Please, please, please, please, please, please forgive me. I now resolve to move past this, and will update Radio News Now (or RNN for short) on a weekly basis. And, if I really feel like crap, I’ll try to come on here more often, and tell you so, so you won’t be in the dark for 2 months again… I promise.

So, what about my commitment to the future of this blog? Well, true to my promise to move forward, look for a post entitled “Comin’ at ya” later this week. This post will officially launch Radio News Now as a blog dedicated to reporting radio station format changes, and will explain everything about this blog.

In closing: Thank you for your patience during all of this, and my sincere apologies to all the radio fans out there who I’ve disappointed.

–The Radio Kid
Administrator and editor of Radio News Now


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