March 27, 2008

Comin’ at ya!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Radio News Now, the blog to go to when you’re radio station changes format.

This blog has been a long time in coming. Now, it’s here, and I’m psyched!… But, who am I? I am The Radio Kid (AKA Oswego Jeremy, as nicknamed by George of The Radio Racket), and I am the creator, founder, editor, and sole writer of Radio News Now. This post gives all the what, why, and insight into Radio News Now.

Why are there some weird posts on here from January?

Well, I’ve had the Radio News Now blog registered since January, but I haven’t posted anything of real relevance on here until this month. To understand why, please see a post called “What the Hell’s goin’ on Here!” It explains everything that has been going on with me.

What is Radio News Now?

Radio News Now, also called RNN, is a blog dedicated to reporting radio station format changes. A radio station format change is when a radio station goes from broadcasting one style of music or programming, to broadcasting a different style of music or programming. For example: Let’s say you’re listening to your favorite station. It plays the music you like, and has a cool name to it (like, oh, I dunno, “Rock FM.) Now, let’s say you get in the car one day, and… Gasp! The station is calling itself another name, and the station is playing stuff you consider to be crap! Well, my friend, you’ve just experienced a format change… And that’s exactly the kind of stuff I report about here at Radio News Now.

Do you report anything else (such as management and/or staff changes, hirings, firings, transmitter moves, etc?)

No. Radio News Now only reports news concerning radio station format changes, and station sales that may lead to format changes. This blog does not report any other type of radio news. If you’re looking for more indepth news concerning other areas of radio, you’ll most likely find it in the radio resources section of our blogroll.

Where is Radio News Now located?

Radio News Now headquarters are located in Oswego, New York. I’m not gonna tell you exactly where the building is that I write from. However, you must know that, for this blog, Radio News Now headquarters, from this point forward, will be refered to as “RNN Ground Zero,” which, in my opinion, is the cool and Gothic way of saying Radio News Now Headquarters.

When is Radio News Now updated?

A new RNN update appears once a week – usually on Saturday mornings after 2A.M., after the conclusion of the Radio Racket, a radio show about radio. The exception to this is if I’m gone on Friday night/Saturday morning. In that case, the new update will appear as soon as I get back to RNN Ground Zero, and as soon as I have finished writing the update.

Where do you get the news you report, and what happens after you receive word of the format change?

As of right now, I get my reporting material from other radio industry websites, all of which are listed in the radio resources section of my blogroll. However, in time, I’d like to be getting this news from a different source… You. That’s right… You! You see, I am only one person, who can’t be on top of radio everywhere, so I need a little help. If you hear of a radio station changing it’s format, I’d like you to tell me about it, so I can tell everyone else out there. (To find out how to do this, keep reading.) Now, after I receive word of a format change, I will use a number of resources to look up the phone number of the radio station, and contact management to confirm said format change, and to ask for an interview. I will also look at the different radio message boards to see what people are saying about the new station. All of that then gets compiled to get put into that weeks update.

How do I contact Radio News Now? How do I send news to Radio News Now? What if I don’t want my name mentioned ither in the update, or to management when they are contacted? What about comments? How do I get comments to you?

The best way to contact Radio News Now is to email me. My email address is: This is the best way for you to send me your news tips, leave me your comments, ETC. This is really the only way to contact me, especially if you want to remain anonomous. Now, let’s say that you want to send me a news tip, but you want to remain anonomous. Well, just say so in your email. I respect people’s right to privacy, and so if you don’t want anyone to know it was you who leaked the word out, just state so in your email. Upon doing so, your name will not be mentioned on this blog, or to station management when they are contacted. If I can’t get any info from management without a name to my information, I will still report the story that an anonomous person told us (insert story), but because I wouldn’t divulge my source, management wouldn’t talk to Radio News Now. If you have enough trust to give me a tip, and you are afraid of losing your job, then, don’t worry, because I have too much respect for you for telling me to reveal your name to anyone… I PROMISE. Now, what if you have a comment for me. Well, if you read our updates, you’ll see that at the end of every one of them, it says: “Your thoughts?” I’m giving you my email address so you can email me your comments. And no, you don’t have to agree with me. In fact, I like a good discussion every now and again.

What do you do with a comment after it is emailed to you?

Well. I like discussions, and I like to give people the chance to voice their opinion. So after you send a comment to me, I will send you an email asking you if it is okay if I can publish it in that next weeks update. If you say yes, then, your comment will appear in the next weeks update of Radio News Now.

Can I leave a comment in the comment section?

Yes. You may leave a comment there, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll get it, or that it will be approved. When you leave a comment, it will usually show up in my in-box, but with this system, there are no garantees. Once wordpress sends me your comment, I then go to the admin portion of my blog, and aprove your comment to appear on this site. So, yes, you can do that, but I would prefer that you email me:

Why is email the main way to interact with you?

Well, to answer that question, you must know a little about me. I, The Radio Kid, am totally blind. I use an adaptive talking computer software program called Jaws. Now, there are certain things Jaws can and can’t do. Now, I realize that most people today interact via Instant Messaging, Facebook and Myspace, and message boards and chat rooms. However, Jaws is not compatible with any instant messenger; Myspace and Facebook will freeze, and do major damage to, the Jaws on any system that has it; and I can read, but not write in, message boards and chat rooms because of Jaws. Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that email is the only way for you to contact me, and for me to contact ya back. Email is the only way that we can interact for the purposes of Radio News Now. My email address again:

Do you run advertisements?

Yes. Radio News Now runs advertisements, but not the kind you’re thinking of. You see, I believe that the internet and blog community should all be connected. So, I’m running mentions of other blogs and websites, or, “Advertisements,” if you wanna call them that, in between news stories.

What do I need to advertise with Radio News Now, and how do I go about doing so? What is the cost of advertising with Radio News Now?

In order to figure out if you can advertise with RNN, I must ask you this: Do you have a blog that isn’t getting much traffic? Maybe you just started a blog, and you wanna tell more people about it? Do you have a website or blog the radio community might benefit from knowing about? Maybe you have a radio show that just isn’t getting an audience? Or, maybe, just maybe, you have a website or blog, and you just wanna tell the world about it?

If the answer to any of those is yes, then you should consider advertising with Radio News Now. I will take advertising for almost any website or blog (and no, your blog doesn’t need to have to do anything with radio), and will also take advertising in order to tell my readers about a radio show that you are involved in. So, how do you do this? Well, all I need from you is an email giving me the direct address to your website or blog, and a brief description of what your website or blog is about, plus permission to visit your blog or site on a regular basis. If you’re advertising a show, then, I just need a description of the show, and where people can find it. Now, what’s the cost? It doesn’t cost you a cent. All I ask is that you post a link to Radio News Now on your blog or website, and tell me that the link is there. Once I see the link on your site or blog, I will begin advertising for you, and I won’t stop running adds for you until you direct me to stop doing so. If you’re interested in advertising with RNN, then, please email me:

Please explain your blogroll?

The blogroll is divided into several categories. I will now go through them one by one.

Radio Resources:

In this section, you’ll find many resources to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the radio industry outside of (as well as) format changes. These links include national radio news and message board sites, regional radio news sites, sites to locate your favorite radio station, and more. If the site is not Jaws accessable, you won’t see it listed here.

Listening links:

Notice the listening links are divided into different categories or sections. These sections contain links to radio stations (terrestrial and internet) that play the music I like, and hope you will too. If there’s a station you think should be on here, but isn’t, email me. However, if the station doesn’t use Windows Media Player to stream, and, if the station website is not Jaws accessable, you will never see it on here.

Goth sites:

Another thing you’ll learn about me is that I’m also a Goth Wanna-be, someone who wants to be a Goth. These sites are either about Goths, or are written by a Goth. If there’s a Goth related site that isn’t on here, but should be, please, please, please, please email me!


These are the links to websites and blogs that advertise with Radio News Now. Please visit them often. To learn about advertising with RNN, please read the section above on this post about advertising. Thank you.

Other links:

These are other blogs and websites that I, and you, the reader, like to visit. So, wanna add a link to this section of my blogroll? Then, please email me:

Okay, I think that’s everything… Accept, I need to send out some thank you’s. First, to Zone91, a friend, and my manager of sorts, for helping me set up this thing, and testing it out for me. I encourage you to visit the blogs of Zone91, which can be found in the Other Links section of my blogroll.

And to Diamond Joe of The Radio Racket. You see, Diamond Joe used to have a blog which I enjoyed reading. But he stopped updating it about a year ago. So now it just sits there like an old, dried up ball of fuzz. I got so sick of looking at that thing with the last post updated May 25, it made me sick with anger. So, seeing that I couldn’t buy his blog, I decided to start this one. So Diamond Joe, thank you. Your lack of motivation to inform the radio community made me decide to get off MY lazy butt, and start this blog.

In closing: thanks for visiting. Come back every week for a fresh update of the latest format changes in radio. And you can always email me with your news tips, comments, jokes, insults, and anything else, at:

–The Radio Kid (AKA Oswego Jeremy, as nicknamed by George of The Radio Racket.)


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