March 25, 2008

More stations to start “Movin'”? Maybe… But maybe not

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You may or may not of heard of the “Movin’” (or as the creator, Alan Burns, calls it, “MoViN) format that launched on many stations in 2006. After signing up 10 afiliates, the buzz and hype that surrounded the Rhythmic AC format, and, “Movin’,” especially, died rather quikly. The last “Movin’” station to launch was WOLF-FM (96.7)/WWLF-FM (100.3), serving the Syracuse market. That was on December 6, 2006. Most radio industry pros thought that would be the last we’d see of “Movin’” format launches…

Not according to Alan Burns.

You see, Burns just released a report that told of the progress of all the “Movin’” stations. But in it, he wrote something critical—yet, it’s easely missed if you don’t read carefully. In this report, Burns wrote: “One final sign of growth we’re excited about is that more operators are adding the MoViN format to their clusters. There will be multiple new MoViN’s launched prior to the spring book.”

Wait! Wait! NOT SO FAST! Before we all go jumping up and down with joy, I must give you this little fact. The spring book starts on Tuesday, April 1, and, so far, there’s only been one launch. About 2 weeks ago, Toddy Broadcasting launched “Movin’” on it’s new KMVV (104.9) in Juno, AK.

So, here’s my question: Where are all the new “Movin’” outlets? Where are all these operators who want to launch this format? Either they’re not out there, or, they haven’t launched “Movin’” on their stations yet. So, what does all this mean? Well, for all those managers of those operators that will supposedly be launching “Movin’” on a station before the spring book, you’ve only got 5 business days in which to do so, and, as of right now, Radio News Now’s gonna count down the days until April 1, the start of the spring book, and we’ll see how many “Movin’”s launch, kay?

My opinion: Personally, I think this is a publicity stunt by Burns to draw attention to his stations – a stunt I’m not happy with. Believe me, RNN readers, if no other stations launch “Movin’” before April 1, I’ll tell you. If MR. Alan Burns said that just to say that, or, to make himself look good, I feel he should be held accountable, and that, RNN readers, is what I, The Radio Kid, and this blog, Radio News Now, will do if Burns can’t live up to what he writes. He wrote about multiple operators, and one operator in Alaska doesn’t fit the bill.

MR. Alan Burns: If you’re reading this, know that I’m not your average nobody sitting in a basement. I’ve spent my life indulging in radio. I know when the spring book is, and I know what you wrote. I know you have more than just KMVV up your sleeve. But in order to make your report true, the stations you have signed up to launch the “Movin’” format MUST do so by April 1. If this doesn’t happen, then, you’ve brought false news to the radio community, and the public, and Radio News Now will take you to task for your false statements. We’re watching the clock, MR. Burns… You have 5 business days, and counting!…

So, what do you think? Do you think we’ll see some new “Movin’” stations this week, or do you think that the statements of Alan Burn’s report were just that – statements to make himself and the “Movin’” format look better than what it is. Email me with your thoughts: And if you want to see the full report, it’s at: When you get there, click on articles, then click on “MoViN update, One Year In.”

We’ll keep watching the calendar, and give you updates either way right here baby!!

–The Radio Kid


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